WWE Have No Plans To Turn John Cena Heel

Posted: 28/04/2017 in Sports, WWE
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An interview with Sports Illustrated this week outlined John Cena’s desire to stay babyface in WWE. During the chat, Cena said he believes not every fan wants him to turn heel, and that he doesn’t focus on trying to please everybody in 2017 despite ferocious booing whenever he appears on screen.

When asked if adulation from young children gives him justification for remaining face, one of WWE’s hardest working stars said he views the product as a way for people to feel good and that it provides “escape and happiness” for entire families.

Cena has been cast as a babyface hero on WWE television for well over a decade now, but he still hears wild jeering during appearances.

There’s long been a sense that adults are sick of Cena’s holier-than-thou style, yet WWE have resisted pulling the trigger on a heel turn for his character. That’s a path favoured by John himself, because he thinks there are those who enjoy his current on screen persona and wouldn’t want a full-blown heel run.

As of right now, there are currently no plans whatsoever to entertain a John Cena turn, even though it would completely refresh his character.


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