WWE Reportedly Interested In Former UFC Announcer Mike Goldberg

Posted: 24/04/2017 in MMA, Sports, WWE
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Mauro Ranallo officially parted ways with WWE over the weekend, and the company may already have his replacement in mind. According to a report from Sportskeeda, WWE have seemingly contacted former UFC commentator Mike Goldberg about joining their broadcast team.

Stating that Goldberg is a “top target” for the company, the report suggests that Goldberg’s friendship with Jim Ross could prove decisive. Triple H apparently feels that JR could not only help influence Goldberg’s decision to join the company, but also get him familiarised with the current WWE product if he signs.

Goldberg has been sidelined since leaving the UFC in December 2016, and this isn’t the first time WWE have reached out to him. Goldberg was approached as a potential long-term JR replacement in 2005, but opted to stay with the UFC, who he started working for in 1997.

Tom Phillips will continue as SmackDown’s lead announcer in the interim, and WWE have apparently only spoken to Goldberg’s representatives thus far – not the man himself. Goldberg has never worked in wrestling, but would bring several decades of sports broadcasting experience to the table, hence WWE’s apparent interest in him.


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