Snoop Dogg offers to help Nick Diaz stay out of weed-related trouble

Posted: 24/04/2017 in MMA, Sports
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Snoop Dogg is looking out for his friend and fellow marijuana enthusiast Nick Diaz.

The 45-year-old hip-hop artist recently sat down with UFC president Dana White to interview him for MERRY JANE, and Snoop was flabbergasted when White elaborated on Diaz’s history with failed drug tests that have resulted in multiple suspensions:

(Transcript courtesy of MMAjunkie’s Simon Samano)

White: The other thing is this – you have to not smoke marijuana for 24 hours.

Snoop: That’s it?

White: Yeah, he fights three times a year! So you can’t stay off marijuana for 24 hours for three days a year.

Snoop: Nick, c’mon, man. … I can’t believe this is the rules that you (expletive) is violating. I’m putting a weed class together for (you). We’re going to do this 12-step, no 10, no three steps.

Detecting marijuana metabolites is more complicated than White is suggesting, but it’s good to know that Snoop’s heart is in the right place. Diaz just recently completed an 18-month suspension for a test failure and may need help to stay in the good graces of officials so he doesn’t face any further setbacks.


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