Kurt Angle Will Reportedly Wrestle If He Can Pass WWE Physical

Posted: 17/04/2017 in Sports, WWE
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WWE Raw superstar Kurt Angle (1996 Olympic Gold Medalist)

Great news for professional wrestling fans, as well as the man himself: the latest update involving Kurt Angle is that if he’s able to pass his WWE-mandated physical, he will be allowed to return to in-ring action.

This has been a constantly evolving story, and it was beginning to look as if the Olympic gold medalist would have to settle for a non-competitive role rather than resume wrestling in the WWE.

After headlining this year’s Hall of Fame class and being introduced as the new General Manager of Raw a few nights later, it has been a huge week for the popular superstar.

Since the moment he parted ways with the organization back in 2006, Kurt has remained one of the WWE fanbase’s most sought-after performers, longing for his return to the company where he rocketed to stardom. There have been mixed messages regarding whether there’d be an opportunity to step back in the ring, with Angle himself saying Vince McMahon spoke optimistically on the subject while Triple H gave a more measured response.

Now The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer is reporting that the plan is for Kurt Angle to wrestle again provided he’s able to pass the required physical. He’s offered no elaboration beyond that, which could mean anything from a one-and-done retirement showcase to a full-time schedule, although the latter is highly unlikely, with the actual reality somewhere in between those two options.

Even if it’s only “one more match”, the prospect of seeing Kurt square off in fresh match-ups with a handful of WWE’s young lions is mouth-watering for hardcore fans. Let’s hope this report is accurate and Angle is healthy enough to satisfy the promotion’s conditions. The world needs Kurt Angle wrestling again…


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