Silver: Charlotte eligible to host 2019 All-Star Game after HB2 repeal

Posted: 14/04/2017 in NBA, Sports
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The Charlotte Hornets could host an All-Star weekend in the future.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced Friday the team will be eligible to host the 2019 All-Star Game in light of North Carolina’s recent repeal of HB2, known as the “bathroom bill.”

Charlotte was originally slated to host the ASG this season, but it was pulled over House Bill 2 – which restricts the rights of LGBT people and was deemed discriminatory by the NBA – and relocated to New Orleans.

North Carolina repealed HB2 last Thursday and is working to replace it with a compromise law. The league’s issues with it still stand until inclusion requirements are met.

The Hornets must also prove they can implement “open-access and anti-discrimination policies” which extend to local venues, hotels, and businesses during the week-long celebration, and hopefully beyond.

“We believe that an All-Star Game in Charlotte could be a powerful way to display our values of equality and inclusion. By engaging even more deeply in North Carolina, we can be part of a larger national effort toward securing LGBT equality,” Silver said at the Board of Governors meeting.

“Ultimately I believe changing attitudes – and not just laws – is what will lead to that result.”

The Hornets responded with elation and indicated they “remain opposed to discrimination of any form.”

“We are excited that the NBA has once again made the City of Charlotte eligible to host All-Star Weekend in 2019,” the team said in a statement released later Thursday.

“We look forward to resuming our discussions with the league on the next steps regarding this international event. We know that our city, our fans, and our business community remain extremely enthusiastic in support of hosting NBA All-Star Weekend.”

The NCAA has also changed its stance on hosting events in North Carolina, announcing last week it will reconsider bringing championship games to the state following the HB2 repeal.


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