Rivers: Von Miller will be known as 1 of the best defenders in NFL history

Posted: 01/04/2017 in NFL, Sports
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Philip Rivers has the highest level of respect for Von Miller.

The Los Angeles Chargers quarterback has been competing in the same division as Miller for six seasons now, and he’s seen enough to know the Denver Broncos linebacker can do it all.

“I think what makes him unique, too, is he’s not just a speed guy,” Rivers told NFL Network for their Top 100 show. “Against us over the years, I’ve grown to respect his every-down ability.

“He’s not a pass-rusher. He is a football player. He stops the run, he plays hard every snap. He can wreck the game with his pass rush. And he’ll go down one day as one of the best defensive players to play.”

The Super Bowl 50 MVP has been heralded for his pass-rushing abilities, but Rivers feels like Miller’s all-around talent sets him apart, despite being sacked by the Bronco more than any other quarterback in the NFL.

“He really can ruin a game because of his ability to sack-fumble,” said Rivers, a 13-year veteran. “He plays the run very well. We’ve had some words in the past, and he’s gotten some good shots on me in the past, but he’s one of those guys you respect and a guy you’d love if he’s on your side.

“You love going against the best and he definitely is that.”

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