Chris Pronger eyeing future GM post

Posted: 01/04/2017 in NHL, Sports
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Chris Pronger is the latest on-ice legend plotting a transition to a high-profile managerial role in the NHL.

The Hall of Fame defenseman, who will continue collecting a player’s salary from the Arizona Coyotes until the end of this season on top of his role with the NHL’s Department of Player Safety, told ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun that he wants to assume the role of a general manager down the line.

“I’m very interested one day in becoming a GM,” Pronger said. “I have a lot to learn and need to put some work in. But down the road at some point, under the right circumstances, it’s definitely something I’m interested in pursuing.”

LeBrun notes Pronger has already sought the advice from former players currently climbing the corporate ladder, like Rob Blake, as well as Steve Yzerman, who the Tampa Bay Lightning hired after a mentorship program with the Detroit Red Wings.

Pronger’s experience with Player Safety should help him land an opportunity down the line. Brendan Shanahan became the president of the Toronto Maple Leafs after almost three years in the department.


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