Bobrovsky becomes 4th Russian goaltender to post 40-win season

Posted: 28/03/2017 in NHL, Sports
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Sergei Bobrovsky hit a benchmark Saturday that few of his countrymen have reached.

With a 1-0 shutout of the Philadelphia Flyers, the Columbus Blue Jackets netminder became just the fourth Russian goalie in NHL history to post a 40-win season.

Evgeni Nabokov, Ilya Bryzgalov, and Semyon Varlamov are the only others to achieve the feat, with Nabokov having done so three times.

The most wins by a Russian goalie in a single season is 46, by Nabokov, which he accomplished during the 2007-08 season as a member of the San Jose Sharks.

The Blue Jackets have eight games remaining, meaning it might be tough for Bobrovsky to hit Nabokov’s record, but, nevertheless, the 28-year-old has certainly had one heck of a campaign.


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