Report: Brothers agree to keep Jeanie Buss as Lakers owner

Posted: 27/03/2017 in NBA, Sports
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Jeanie Buss will remain as the Lakers‘ controlling owner after all.

Following a month-long dispute, Jeanie’s brothers, Jim and Johnny, have agreed to keep her as the team’s controlling owner for as long as the family owns the team, Nathan Fenno of The Los Angeles Times reports.

“The message is clear here: Do not underestimate Jeanie Buss,” her attorney, Adam Streisand, told Fenno. “There is not going to be a palace coup. Not now. Not ever.”

Jeanie reportedly blocked an attempt from her brothers to dethrone her as controlling owner earlier this month by seeking to vote for a new board of directors that didn’t include her. Jim and Johnny withdrew the request after a temporary restraining order was issued against them.

Jim was ultimately forced to resign from his role as co-trustee on Thursday as part of a requirement by Jeanie to resolve the matter. Jeanie’s younger sister, Janie, replaced Jim as trustee.

“Now with the Lakers having the ability to focus on the basketball court and not on the legal court, I think all Laker fans can breathe a sigh of relief,” Streisand said.


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