Owners approve Raiders’ relocation to Las Vegas with reported 31-1 vote

Posted: 27/03/2017 in NFL, Sports
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The Raiders are heading to Sin City.

NFL owners officially approved the Raiders‘ proposed bid for relocation from Oakland to Las Vegas with an “overwhelming” vote Monday, commissioner Roger Goodell announced.

The final tally among the league’s 32 teams was 31-1, with the only opposition being from the Miami Dolphins, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports.

Owner Mark Davis announced in a statement shortly after the vote that the team is planning to continue playing at the Oakland Coliseum for the next two seasons and will hope to stay until a stadium in Las Vegas is built.

In Las Vegas, the Raiders will move forward with plans for a $1.9-billion stadium. Funding for which includes an unprecedented $750 million in public money, as well as a $650-million loan from Bank of America.

The lack of a viable long-term solution in Oakland saw momentum toward a Las Vegas move build rapidly once the significant funding was secured by the team.

One owner told NFL.com’s Judy Battista that, following presentations from the league and the Raiders, there were no questions raised before the vote took place.

Joining the Rams and Chargers, who left their respective cities for Los Angeles, the Raiders become the third NFL team in just 14 months to receive approval for relocation.


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