Carr tells Vegas: ‘You can count on us bringing a piece of Oakland with us’

Posted: 27/03/2017 in NFL, Sports
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The face of the Raiders‘ franchise has spoken out in support of the team’s move to Las Vegas from Oakland after the relocation was approved Monday.

Derek Carr said he was “was overwhelmed with emotion” in a statement on Twitter, thanking fans in Oakland while also expressing his excitement about the move.

As I sit here and see a vote that takes the Raiders to Las Vegas, I am overwhelmed with emotion. I don’t know how we should feel. I feel the pain of our fans in Oakland. I also see the joy on the faces of our new fans in Las Vegas. As players, we will show up and give everything we have. We will compete and will do our best to bring a championship to the entire Raider Nation. While I am from California and would have loved playing in Oakland my entire career, I understand the business side of the NFL. It affects us all. Oakland, our team loves you, and my family and I love you! We will be resilient and we will stay together because that’s what true Raiders do. We are loyal, even when it’s tough. So Las Vegas, you can count on us bringing a piece of Oakland with us and you are getting a tough, loyal, and competitive fan base and team. When the time comes, I hope you are ready. For now. it’s about 2017 and our diehard in Oakland. God bless and Go Raiders!

The Raiders are planning to remain in Oakland for at least two seasons as their new $1.9-billion stadium is built in Vegas.


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