Report: Romo believes he’ll either play for Texans or retire in 2017

Posted: 25/03/2017 in NFL, Sports
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Having not received any interest from the Denver Broncos to date, Tony Romo believes his options for 2017 are either to play for the Houston Texans or retire, according to ESPN’s Jeff Darlington.

Romo has yet to be released or traded from the Dallas Cowboys.

When Romo will be moving on from Dallas remains unknown. The Cowboys had reportedly planned to release the veteran quarterback at the beginning of free agency over two weeks ago, but doubled back on their plan believing they could find a trade partner.

Trading Romo on his current deal may be a difficult task, given his $24.7-million cap hit in 2017. However, the Texans appear to have an interest in Romo as they ditched Brock Osweiler and his exuberant salary to acquire enough cap room to easily afford the Cowboys signal-caller. Houston has a Super Bowl-ready roster aside from the quarterback position and Romo would like to join a team who can compete for a title.

The Broncos have also been a rumored destination, but all members of Denver’s organization have been adamant that they will not consider adding Romo unless he is released.


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