Mick Foley Fired As WWE Raw General Manager

Posted: 21/03/2017 in Sports, WWE
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Raw Monday opened with an angle that had been teased for several weeks as commissioner Stephanie McMahon fired Mick Foley from his kayfabe post as the show’s general manager.

Ever since the babyface Foley was installed in the position last July, he had been butting heads with the heel Stephanie – usually with “The Billion-Dollar Princess” humiliating the hardcore legend. She would routinely dress him down regarding his performance and overrule his decisions.

Last week on Raw, Stephanie gave Foley the opportunity to keep his job – if he would fire someone on the air. Foley dragged his feet for the duration of the show, and ended up not delivering – instead, he attacked Triple H with the Mandible Claw (with some help from Mr. Socko).

On this week’s Raw, Foley opened the show by apologizing for his actions and announced he was taking a leave of absence – all while reading a prepared statement from cards. When he decided to deviate from the cards, though, he was interrupted by his boss, who subsequently fired him.

It’s been known for months that Foley would have to leave, as “The Hardcore Icon” is in need of hip replacement surgery. Many have speculated that Kurt Angle will take his place as Raw GM following WrestleMania.


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