Janie Buss believes brothers are looking to sell minority stake in Lakers

Posted: 20/03/2017 in NBA, Sports
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The ongoing drama surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers and their ownership doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon.

Janie Buss, the younger sister of controlling owner Jeanie Buss, says both of her older brothers, Jim and Johnny, are working to break the family trust in order to sell their minority ownership in the franchise.

“This is something huge and it’s not going to go away. They’re trying to bust the trust so they can sell their (interests),” Janie told ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne. “And if they sell, that’ll leave the rest of us in a minority.”

Last week, both brothers reportedly attempted to dethrone Jeanie as the Lakers president and controlling owner. Jeanie ultimately requested a restraining order after Jim and Johnny tried to hold a meeting to elect a new board that excluded her.

“Growing up, Johnny was the kid who brought the ball to the park and when things didn’t go his way, he took the ball and ran,” Janie said. “I don’t want to call him a poor sport, because a poor sport would be someone who lost a game and kicked the referee. No, Johnny took the ball away so nobody could play.

“Jimmy will bring the ball, but he’ll be like, ‘Everyone gets to play, but you have to put a dollar in to play. He tries to figure out things mathematically, how to get the best advantage.”

Reports last week indicated that a probate court trial would be held in May to settle the dispute.


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