Lynch: 49ers ‘exploring every option’ with No. 2 pick

Posted: 19/03/2017 in NFL, Sports
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John Lynch may be in his first year as the San Francisco 49ers‘ general manager, but he’s not just going to sit back and be content with what he’s got.

Holding the second overall pick at the 2017 NFL Draft, Lynch and the 49ers are looking at every possible move they can make with the selection.

“Yes. From Day 1 – why wouldn’t you be? A lot of people keep talking about (the No. 2 pick) like it’s a burden,” Lynch told the team website when asked if he is open to trading the pick. “It’s not a burden, it’s a tremendous asset, and it gives us a ton of options. We can sit pat and find a game-changing player who’s going to help us win championships in San Francisco.

“It’s a coveted pick, and so a lot of people want that. I think we’re in a great place with that. We’re being aggressive in exploring every option, and we’ll continue to do that right down to draft day.”

The 49ers need to find a quarterback, as they’re set to have none under contract when the official 2017 year begins, but they could be better off trading down and assessing their options later in the draft.

Last year, the Cleveland Browns made out quite well by trading away the second overall pick to the Philadelphia Eagles, acquiring two first-round picks, a third-round pick, and two fourth-round picks.


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