Crosby meets 5-year-old with brain tumors

Posted: 14/03/2017 in NHL, Sports
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It’s a story of two people who know a thing or two about going into battle coming together.

Ahead of the Pittsburgh Penguins game Saturday against the Vancouver Canucks, captain Sidney Crosby took the time to meet one of his most adoring fans, 5-year-old Memphis Savage.

The Vancouver Island native – who had brain tumors removed shortly after his first birthday – received the news in January that, after years of no problems, two new non-cancerous tumors had developed.

Shortly after, Memphis’ father, Cole, penned a letter to the Penguins asking if there was a chance Memphis could meet his favorite player – Crosby.

The opportunity presented itself Saturday.

“I was hoping and praying but I had no idea it was going to happen,” Cole said, according to Cheryl Chan of The Province. “I can’t stress how good (Crosby’s) heart was, and how nice he was to do this for us.”

Crosby spent nearly 45 minutes signing autographs and chatting with the family and urging Memphis to continue fighting in a chat that was instigated by Memphis.

“My name is Memphis. Nice to meet you, sir,” a well-dressed Memphis said, breaking the ice with his idol.

Memphis would get to watch Crosby skate in a 3-0 win over his favorite team, the Canucks, capping off what, to dad, was a perfect afternoon.

“I was almost crying,” said Cole. “He’s a 100 percent class act. We met a real champion. A heart of gold that guy has.”


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