Back to the future: Senators considering switch to heritage logo

Posted: 07/03/2017 in NHL, Sports
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What’s old is new again.

The Ottawa Senators are contemplating a full-time switch to their iconic throwback logo, replacing the Roman-style emblem the club has used since 1992.

The original Senators used a variation of the ‘O’ logo during Ottawa’s initial stint in the NHL (1917-34), and the franchise reintroduced it in 2011.

“That jersey has inspired lot of people,” Tom Anselmi, president and CEO of the Senators, told Ken Warren of the Ottawa Citizen. “It’s a great looking jersey and the players like it. But we’re not going to do anything knee-jerk.”

Anselmi joined the Senators in January after a 17-year career with the Toronto Maple Leafs. The longtime executive believes the timing is perfect for the Senators to bring in the new look, considering several historic milestones both the franchise and its city have on the horizon:

  • 25 years since the Senators rejoined the NHL
  • 100th anniversary of the NHL
  • 150th anniversary of the City of Ottawa
  • 150th anniversary of Canada

“There has been a lot of jerseys, a lot of logos, lots of patches,” Anselmi added. “Whatever we end up with at the end of day, we want to stick with it. We want something that will stand the test of time.”

The Senators plan to wear the throwback jerseys at a proposed outdoor game to be held in December in Ottawa versus the Montreal Canadiens.

According to Anselmi, the Senators need to be more like sports organizations that have “a clear understanding of what their brand is.” Original Six franchises like the Canadiens and Detroit Red Wings have made few tweaks to their look throughout history.

“The logo is just a visual representation of the brand. Where we go next is a clear priority,” Anselmi said. “We’re aware of what the fans here are saying and we’re hearing a lot.”

Any changes by the Senators will be permanent, as reports indicate that the league’s jersey manufacturer will eliminate third jerseys in 2017-18.

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