WWE Announcer Tom Phillips Caught Having Alleged Online Affair?

Posted: 28/02/2017 in Sports, WWE
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WWE SmackDown Live announcer Tom Phillips found himself in a spot of trouble this weekend. Phillips was caught allegedly sending sexually explicit messages to a woman known as “missythetattooedgirl” on Instagram, and the screenshots were all over social media on Saturday afternoon.

The woman who claims to have been involved with Phillips posted an iPhone text conversation along with the following caption on Instagram:-

“This is why I don’t trust people. Without my friends I never would’ve known that a high profile WWE commentator who was talking to me and wanted to get together, is engaged. I had zero idea and I couldn’t be more sorry to the girl involved. You deserve better than this. Apparently nobody is faithful anymore.”

The quote included Phillips’ Instagram handle and a number of WWE-related hashtags, and the announcer set his social media accounts to private as soon as the story broke. His alleged mistress has since done the same, and there have been no statements made by Phillips or WWE thus far.

Not a good look for Phillips, who began working for WWE in 2012. Starting life as a backstage interviewer on Raw, Phillips currently serves as a commentator on NXT and SmackDown while also performing a number of other hosting duties, and there’s no word on what impact (if any) this will have on his broadcasting career.

There’s a chance we’ll hear more on the situation ahead of Phillips’ next televised appearance on Tuesday, but the scandal has been the talk of Twitter since breaking, and isn’t disappearing anytime soon.


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