Emmalina’s WWE Repackaging Scrapped After Bad Rehearsals

Posted: 21/02/2017 in Sports, WWE
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WWE finally delivered Emma’s long-awaited re-debut as Emmalina on this week’s Raw, but if a new report from Pro Wrestling Sheet is to be believed, the company have already scrapped the character.

Emmalina’s first “makeover” vignette aired on October 3rd, 2016, making for 17 full weeks of promotion prior to her re-emergence. The company reportedly had big plans for her new role, but these have now been nixed as, after multiple rehearsals, producers decided that Emma wasn’t capable of pulling-off what had been asked of her.

This clarifies the confusion caused by her debut. After acknowledging the long wait, Emma flipped the script completely, stating that “now, you will see the makeover from Emmalina, to Emma.” This confirms that Emma is indeed going back to her old character, and the Emmalina gimmick is over before it truly began.

According to the report, WWE intended Emmalina to hark back to old characters like Sable and The Kat, and that the long delay was down to a feeling that Emma wasn’t committing enough to the role. Eventually, WWE decided to pull the plug, but they’re seemingly high on the concept and could hold onto it for another female worker.

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