Cowboys’ Jones lobbies for Owens’ inclusion in Hall of Fame

Posted: 13/02/2017 in NFL, Sports
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Terrell Owens’ omission from this year’s Pro Football Hall of Fame class was the source of nationwide outrage, and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones came to his defense.

Jones will be inducted into the Hall this summer and lobbied for Owens to eventually join him in Canton. Owens played for the Cowboys from 2006-2008, leading the NFL in receiving touchdowns during his first season with the club.

“I know what it is with T.O.,” Jones said to ESPN’s Todd Archer. “I had a guy that I love and respect and everything (Bill Parcells) that never called him anything but ‘the player,’ OK, so I understand. He made serious contributions with us and his team involvement with us does not deserve it to have it be a negative for him being in the Hall of Fame. He was a plus for the Dallas Cowboys.”

Owens ranks second all-time in receiving yards, third in touchdowns, and eight in receptions, boasting an excellent case for inclusion.

Although Owens was derided by some for his on-field antics, Jones makes a compelling case for the star wideout’s inclusion.


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