Maple Leafs’ Kadri: Trump’s travel ban is obviously unfortunate

Posted: 31/01/2017 in NHL, Sports
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Toronto Maple Leafs play the Detroit Red Wings

Toronto Maple Leafs center Nazem Kadri has once again been asked to comment on happenings south of the border.

A rare player of Muslim descent to make the NHL, Kadri was asked Tuesday about U.S. President Donald Trump’s executive order banning citizens of seven primarily Muslim nations from entering the United States.

Kadri offered the following response, per Sportsnet:

Obviously it’s unfortunate. I’m obviously proud to be Canadian and happy it doesn’t affect me a whole lot. But, you know, banning some people from coming back into the country – and some smart people that really could make a difference – I really feel bad for those kind of people and their families, and just not being able to come back to America and do what they want to do.

Back in December 2015, Kadri – born to Lebanese parents in London, Ont. – called Trump ‘pretty delusional‘ after the then-presidential candidate made it known he planned to restrict Muslims from entering America.


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