Schilling blasts BBWAA voters of ‘bias’ after drop in HOF voting

Posted: 23/01/2017 in MLB, Sports
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Curt Schilling’s path to the Hall of Fame has hit a stumbling block.After receiving 52.3 percent of votes in 2016, the former big-league pitcher saw his totals drop on this year’s ballot, down to 45 percent. With a dip that substantial, plus a group of writers who he believes are against him, Schilling feels there’s a chance he may never make it to the Hall.

“There’s no chance I’m going to get elected this year, if I get elected at all,” Schilling said on Boston Herald Radio on Wednesday, courtesy of Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald. “I think enough writers have made it clear that they’re going to take a stand on – and I’m using air quotes – my ‘character.’ For whatever that’s worth, they got to write their articles, and make out to be the judge and jury and that’s fine.

“That’s one of the reasons why I said from Day 1 I became eligible I’ve never lost a minute of sleep because I know it is a human process, it’s a process with a lot of bias in it and it is a group of people that were some of the worst people I’ve ever known.”

Schilling may have hurt his chances in November when he referred to a shirt calling for the lynching of journalists – the same profession of those who decide whether he makes it into the Hall of Fame – as “awesome.” He also feels his political beliefs had a significant effect on voters.

“I believe if I had said or mocked Donald Trump and talked about the things I talked about as a Liberal, I wouldn’t have lost one vote,” Schilling said, according to Silverman. “As I’m wont to do and as I’d do in a political campaign, I’m Trump-like in that sense. I speak from the heart. That doesn’t make me right, that just makes me ‘me.’

“When you talk as much as I do, you tend to go, ‘Ah, you know what, I probably shouldn’t have said that.’ A lot. But that’s who I am.”


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