Browns’ Jackson: ‘It’s my opinion we need a quarterback’

Posted: 17/01/2016 in NFL, Sports
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The Johnny Manziel experiment appears all but over in Cleveland.

Speaking with SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio on Sunday, new Browns head coach Hue Jackson sounded like he’s ready to move on from the beleaguered quarterback.

“If there is a quarterback at No. 2 that is a best fit for our team, we need to go get him,” Jackson said. “It’s my opinion we need a quarterback.”

Jackson hasn’t spoken to Manziel since being hired, but said he’s “going to do everything I can to evaluate him like any other player.”

However, when asked if Manziel being spotted in Las Vegas prior to the season finale warrants him being a non-starter, Jackson replied, “Yes. Anything like that (says) non-starter to me.”

Manziel, who was ruled out for the finale with a concussion, failed to show up for a scheduled meeting with a team doctor that day and was reportedly unreachable by phone. LeBron James’ marketing agency cut ties with Manziel a few days later, citing a need for him “to focus on personal growth.”

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