What makes a good logo?

In the NBA more than anything finding a good logo for you team is important, the NBA with ticket prices lower than the other three big north american sports relies heavily on marketing and sales to drive their business so having a slick logo that the fans connect with is important for a team’s revenue stream.

So I present Smirfitt’s Speech list of the ten best logos in the National Basketball Association:

10. The Detriot Pistons: Detroit_Pistons

When the Pistons went back to their classic logo after using the modernize horse, they hit pay dirt. Red, white and blue this logo is simple yet effective.

9. The Indiana Pacers: pacers

With the recent resurrenge of popularity due to the improvement of the team on the court, this classic yet simple logo that has gone largely unchanged for the better part of the Pacers existence ranks in on our list at number 9

8. The Cleveland Cavaliers: cavs

Over the years the Cavaliers have tried many different logos and color schemes but this one seems to have finally hit the mark. Bonus points for being the best logo in Cleveland Sports.

7. The San Antonio Spurs: San_Antonio_Spurs

Very few teams can pull off the grey and black color scheme. The spurs make it work, for a team built on defence the black and white approach is reflective of the clubs all business approach on the court. Gone is the neon palette of the 90’s.

6. The Los Angeles Lakers: lakers-logo-wallpaper

It’s just one of those logos you associate with greatness in the sport of basketball, it’s also a never changing logo that stands the test of time.

5. The Boston Celtics: celtics

When your logo is essentially a leprechaun the chances people take you seriously has a lot to do with the success of your club. The Boston Celtics are one of the most successful teams in not just the NBA but all of Professional North American Sports history and this logo has been part of that brand for over a half century.

4. The Utah Jazz: jazz

When your team name is the jazz and you live in Utah which is anything but a Jazz hotbed people are left scratching thier heads but this logo fuses the so many elements with colors that reflect the outdoors found in Utah.

3. The Los Angeles Clippers: clippers

This logo is just so classy and simple, slick yet crisp. This is logo that has been around for a logo time but merchandise has begun to move quickier thanks to the popularity of the teams stars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. It’s a logo that doesn’t try to do to much.

2. The Golden State Warriors: warriors

This logo is a nice change from the thunderbolt throwing titan of previous years, it’s colors are perhaps the best use of blue and gold in sports. The Golden Gate bridge reflects the two cities that have housed this franchise over it’s existence and the team is looking to become a powerhouse currently.

1. The Chicago Bulls: chicago_bulls_logo_3120

In the 1990’s this may have been the most worn and seen logo in pro sports thanks to the legacy of greatness paved the franchise’s Dynasty years that featured Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman. This logo is to basketball what the Montreal Canadiens logo is to hockey or the Yankees logo is to baseball. This logo represents teams that didn’t just win championship but teams that had no real competition while winning those championships. This logo is domiance personified.

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